Valentina Chiorino

I am a clinical psychologist, an individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapist, an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Psychotherapist, EMDR-Europe Accredited Practitioner and Consultant, based in Milan. In my private practice I usually work with:

  • adults,
  • children and their parents,
  • adolescents,
  • couples,
  • women during pregnancy and post partum.

I integrate EMDR and psychodynamic psychotherapy, working on (unconscious) blocking issues usually coming from one’s past, with a special attention to “traumas” (in a broader sense). Sessions can be in English with native English speakers or with people who are more comfortable speaking English than Italian.

See my Curriculum Vitae in English below in the page.

Why consulting a psychologist? Choosing to listen to one’s needs.

You may have tried to copy with your personal moments of crisis by yourself or with the dear ones in your life. However it can happen that you might feel there are situations where your strategies and your solutions do not seem to help you and they may even take you far from your conscious aims, goals and purposes.

Consulting a psychologist means considering the idea that your strategies may in some way lead in directions you would not like to follow (for yourself, with your partner, with your children, …). The clinical psychologist paradoxically does not find solutions on your behalf because they would be suitable for him/her and not for you. Instead, through his/her specific expertise and training, the therapist makes you understand step by step what prevent you from feeling connected to yourself, attuned to your intimates, what in your mind unconsciously goes against your wishes, what puts you in a state of internal conflict.  

If you have made many efforts, but you have realized you are still stuck in the same problems, maybe it would be important for you to take care of yourself in a different way and to understand your situation at a deeper level.

If you have any question about how a consultation and/or a psychotherapy works, please call me or send me an email.

Valentina Chiorino’s Curriculum Vitae

Valentina Chiorino Psicologa e Psicoterapeuta

She was born in Biella, on March 29 1973.

She graduated from High School, Liceo Scientifico A. Avogadro, in Biella (60/60); she got a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Community Psychology in 1998 at University of Padua, Faculty of Psychology (First class honours, 110/110 cum laude). She is member of the Psychologist Register of Lombardy (Albo degli Psicologi della Lombardia) and she is in the Psychotherapist List of Lombardy (Elenco degli Psicoterapeuti della Lombardia).

She had a four year training in individual and group dynamic psychotherapy (50/50 cum laude) at the School of Specialization in Psychotherapy C.O.I.R.A.G. (Confederazione Italiana Ricerca Analitica nei Gruppi Italian Confederation of Analytical Research on Groups), Milan, training A.P.G. (Associazione di Psicoterapia di Gruppo- Group Psychotherapy Association).

She is an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), psychotherapist EMDR-Europe Accredited Practitioner (certificate n. P6467) and EMDR Consultant and she is member of EMDR Italy.

She is Member of A.P.G. (Associazione di Psicoterapia di Gruppo- Group Psychotherapy Association), former Scientific Secretary of A.P.G., she had been member of the Editorial Board of “Rivista Gruppi” (Groups) (Franco Angeli Publishing) and member of Scuola Romana Rorschach (Romana Rorschach School) where she completed a two year specialization training in psychodiagnosis based on Rorschach Test (100/100). She is an official evaluator of the Adult Attachment Interview (a semi-structured clinical interview, also used for research).

She has been working with adults, children, adolescents, couples in her private practice for nearly two decades.

For the Unit of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry, Cuggiono, Ospedale Civile di Legnano she worked as a clinical psychologist (between 2001 and 2006): psychodiagnosis, psychological counseling, couple and parental psychological support, support groups for parents of children in psychotherapy and for parents of teens in psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy with children or teenagers, group psychotherapy (groups of children, groups of teenagers), psychological interventions with teachers, supervision to speech therapists and to psychomotrists.

For IRCCS Foundation Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico – Mangiagalli – Milan, she worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the Maternity Ward (between 2009 and 2018): clinical sessions with the women and the couples during the post-partum period (traumatic experiences related to childbirth, difficulties related to becoming parents, problems associated to the hospitalizations of infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, difficult breastfeeding, stillbirth, newborn’s death, …); teamwork and coordination on cases with hospital staff (gynecologists, neonatologists, midwives, nursery nurses, pediatric nurses, psychiatrists, social workers). Action-research on protective factors and risk factors in post-partum depression; outpatient activity, subsequent to the discharge from hospital: psychological support and individual focal psychotherapy or couples counselling, if the mother-child relationship, and mother-father-child relationship was at risk. Psychotherapies were especially conducted with the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) approach to process the traumatic events (birth trauma, being parents of a newborn in intensive care unit, perinatal deaths, breastfeeding difficulties).  With her Equipe she set Clinical intervention and research (a pilot study, a randomized controlled trial) using two protocols created by her team: the Breastfeeding and Bonding EMDR Protocol (see publications) and the EMDR Recent Birth Trauma Protocol (see publications) now part of the psychological interventions in the maternity ward of other hospitals.

In September 2018, with her team, she has started working at San Pio X Clinic, Humanitas Hospital, in Milan, on a new project, based on what she has developed with her colleagues in the previous years: psychological perinatal support and clinical sessions in the post partum period in the maternity ward and in consultation room after the discharge (birth traumas, difficulties with breastfeeding and bonding, complex pregnancies, MAP Medical Assisted Procreations, abortions, still births, newborn’s deaths…) using also EMDR therapy.

For “Associazione Luce e Vita” (“San Gerardo” Hospital, Monza), an Association that takes care of people with oncohaematological diseases, she worked as a clinical psychologist (between 2001 and 2006) with adult patients with oncohaematological disease, with relatives of people with oncohaematological diseases, with relatives who have lost a dear one because of an oncohaematological disease.

For Santagostino Medical Center, Psychotherapy Area, Milan, she worked as a senior psychotherapist (between 2009 and 2011), supervising junior psychotherapist’s clinical activity and delivering first consultation sessions for the analysis of the request of a psychological intervention.

She collaborated with the technical advisors (psychologists) of the Family Court and the Ordinary Court, Milan.

She had been member of the Research Project on Clinical Consultation and Psychotherapy with Couples in various phases of a couple’s history and also in particular circumstances (starting life together, expecting a child, different phases of child’s life, couple’s crisis during the lifecycle, couple’s infertility, …), for the Research and Study Center (Centro Studi e Ricerche-C.S.R.) C.O.I.R.A.G.

She had been a trainer and consultant for kindergarten educators, Municipality of Milan (Discussion group on difficult cases and reflection on interpersonal and institutional dynamics).

She had been Adjunct professor for the University of Turin in the academic year 2002-2003, beeing Trainer in charge of the Laboratory of Sensitization to Group Dynamics for Teachers of Secondary School.

She attended the course “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction- MBSR” (trainer: Vincenzo D’Ambrosio at I.S.E.R.D.I.P Istituto per lo studio e la ricerca sui disturbi psichici, Milan) (september-november 2017).

Publications and Speeches

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